Development of Test Cells/Control Systems
Development of Test Cells/Control Systems


Design and development of a complete turn-key package of Test-cells suitable for research or calibration purpose.

Based on the system requirement defined, revised and accepted by our customer, we design and develop a full package test-cell which includes all sensing and actuating equipment, data-acquisition, control system and emission system. Test cells could be offered in three main categories:

  1. Full engine setup which is suitable for control research studies and calibration work
  2. Single cylinder fuel setups: A full engine will be converted to a single cylinder engine and suitable for fuel and pure combustion studies
  3. Single cylinder optical setups: A full engine will be converted to a single cylinder engine and suitable for optical studies

Based on the customers’ needs parts of the test cells can be excluded. Here is a assembly animation shows how different parts of the setup are integrated!

The Test-cells advantages at a glance

  • Equipped with the state of the art measurements equipment to guarantee the best possible measurement quality
  • Compact and “service-friendly” design which let you to optimally use your available space, easy to troubleshot and easy to do repair and maintenance operations
  • Flexibility to create the desired operating conditions for the engine (i.e. adjustment of inlet pressure, inlet temperature, exhaust pressure, temperature and rate of EGR, Engine coolant temperature, fuel conditioning etc.)
  • Ease of Installation and use (i.e. plug and play installation)
  • Safety features
  • The Control Systems will have the following properties:
    • Using FPGA programing to create custom I/O measurements and control hardware to effectively design complex systems with real-time requirements.
    • Cycle-based and Time-based RT calculations
      • Injection, ignition control …
      • Online Combustion analysis (Heat release parameters, IMEP etc.)
    • User-friendly and intuitive interface with “to-the-point” features
    • “To-the-point” post-processing possibilities
    • All in One System, this means controlling of test-cell facility including the engine parameters and All data acquisition occurs in one unit
    • Flexibility to add your own features and algorithms