Development of Test Cells/Control Systems
Development of Test Cells/Control Systems



We were very pleased to host prof. Bengt Johansson and his team from Clean Combustion Research Center (CERC) for performing FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) on two new single-cylinder research testbed setups (one Optical and one Metal setups) developed by MESA. The operational cylinders were equipped with three direct injectors, very interesting work which performed in cooperation with # KAUST and #Delphi.


A short movie from the optical engine operating on skip/fire mode during FAT is also recorded and presents here. Please Enjoy J!



Our project proposal (FlexBed: Multifunctional, flexible and connected research testbed for internal combustion engines) which has been submitted under Horizon 2020’s SME is awarded “Seal of Excellence” certificate by European Commission. The certificate is awarded to companies that are considered by the EU evaluators to have excellent innovation with a strong commercial potential and ability to deliver and establish their product globally. We are very proud and excited to announce this achievement and express our greatest gratitude to our academic and industrial partners to accept being a part of this project.


The compact and flexible design of MESA test-beds makes them safe, easy and efficient to load, transport and commission. Just had a successful loading of a test-bed into a truck! Please take a look at the following movie and photos




Another test-bed made by MESA is tested and ready to be shipped to its owner. This is a single-cylinder test-bed which is equipped with common-rail DI,  PFI fueling system as well as EGR system. Some of the features for the setup are as follow:

  • Closed-loop fuel pressure control
  • Closed-loop inlet temperature control
  • Closed-loop inlet pressure control
  • Closed-loop EGR coolant temperature control
  • Closed-loop Back-pressure control
  • Closed-loop coolant temperature control
  • Safety break



Successful loading of two MESA test-cells setup to a costumer (i.e. Two single-cylinder setups, one optical and one metal)


Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of our single cylinder test-cell setup was performed successfully on last Monday (20170619 ) and it was followed by successful FAT of our first optical setup. The great and enjoyable moment of the first fire in the optical setup is recorded in a short video which is shared here.

The movie shows the setup operating on Skip/Fire mode (i.e 10 cycles skipped and 3 cycles fired). Due to the optical piston and mounted mirror, flashing of the fired cycles are obvious in the movie.